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Jeffrey ZeldmanOur love of designing with web standards and designing for print may seem divided by their respective mediums, but sometimes we can’t help but combine the two, resulting in some fun printed stuff, to help people show their love and support for web standards.

We originally wanted to create a tribute to the man under the blue wooly hat (or Beanie, as our American counterparts say), Mr. Jeffrey Zeldman. He knows a thing or two about web standards (he did write the book about them) and there is no one more deserving of a tribute than Jeffrey Zeldman.

When we asked his permission to use his iconic avatar for a limited edition screen print, he not only said yes, but asked if he could join us and help promote web standards through some fun products.

Screenshot of supportwebstandards.com

2011 Relaunch

Following up from our 2010 products, we decided to move from limited-edition-products to products which we could control the supply and provide them without limitations. We added a new product to our lineup, custom sketchbooks, to help plan and design web standards-compliant websites.

Work Done

Pixelcode designed and produced the aforementioned sketchbooks, vinyl stickers and badges (buttons), as well as designing and publishing the website, SupportWebStandards.com, all under the watchful eye of Mr. Zeldman.

We also produced a promotional video- conceived, designed, shot and edited by Pixelcode. Check it out below:

Date Launched

November 2011

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