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Athy Directory

Athy DirectoryThe Athy Directory is a long-term project of Pixelcode, a business listing on all the businesses and organisations in Athy, Co. Kildare, categorised and searchable.

Work Done

This site is designed to work on both mobile and on larger screens without any content being hidden or the functionality of the site curtailed. We used a flexible design, aided with some media queries, to create a fast and easy way of finding that business or organisation you are looking for.

The Athy Directory utilises some convenient features, such as the search auto-complete and we also incorporated Yahoo’s weather feed for Athy, to give residents the local forecast.

We created a simple database-driven site that utilised an indexing script to ensure fast results back to visitors. Pixelcode manages and maintains AthyDirectory.com, ensuring it remains a streamlined database of Athy-only businesses and organisations.

Originally launched 25th September 2009.

Date Launched

March 2013

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Athy Directory

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