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Advantages of GooglePlus

Last Updated: 26 Jul 2011

Google recently announced their new social network, GooglePlus, which has the potential to replace Facebook as the preferred social network. As website owners and administrators, how does this affect you?

Content Flow

Before going any further, we should reiterate our stance on the relationship between social networks and your business or organisation's website. Like we've stated on our Web Design Services page, we think that your website should be the hub of your internet presence. All of your content should be added to your website and then distributed to social networks.

We created the graphic above to explain the flow of content.


Social Buttons

We have started to add Google +1 buttons to websites, alongside the Facebook 'Like' buttons, to allow visitors to show their approval of your site. We feel that this is a better feedback mechanism than comments, as you don't have to remove abuse and spam.

When a visitor clicks the +1 button or the Like button it shows up on their GooglePlus or Facebook page, respectively. The added benefit is that their friends can follow the link back to your website- new visitors are always good visitors.

Advantages of GooglePlus

There are many social networks that can be utilised by a website owner, but we don't always recommend installing them on websites. An example of this is Twitter. We found two main issues with installing a 'Tweet This' button- the first issue is the mechanism to track the number of Tweets is inconsistent and doesn't return the true number of Tweets, and the second issue is the fact that Twitter isn't as popular in Ireland (yet) as Facebook.

We recommend Facebook Like buttons as they help to advertise the content of a website on to Facebook, and we would recommend adding a Google +1 button for the same reason, the true advantage with GooglePlus, is it's integration with Google Search.

We installed a +1 button on the Athy Heritage Centre-Museum's website and now when a Google Search is made, looking for their site, we can see the recommendations of people who we are friends with on GooglePlus for this website.

Search Results from Google

Google is the number one search engine in the world. It is in the best interest of your website that you do your utmost to integrate your site into Google's infrastructure.

Putting a +1 button (or Facebook's Like button) is a pretty simple process and does not interfere with your site. If GooglePlus does not succeed, it can be easily removed afterwards.

If you are a client of Pixelcode and wish to integrate your site with social networks, contact us. If you would like to avail of our web design services, please see our Work With Us page.

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