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Last Updated: 28 Jun 2011

Late in 2010, we decided to redo our logo and branding guidelines, rebranding Pixelcode. Once we had our new logo and branding worked out, we started work on pixelcode.ie. After many months working on it, alongside our client work, we finally finished it and we launched it last week.

There are still a few pieces that need to be further polished, but we’re happy with the start we’ve made. We’re still working on our portfolio of work, we hope to complete more case studies as time permits. We won’t be completing case studies for all our projects, but we hope to do as many as possible.

We use the HTML5 doctype (it’s the least anyone should do) and we hope to migrate the elements to HTML5 specific elements (header, footer, section etcetera) in the near future. We also use some Google Fonts for the main body typeface, PT Sans, to add a little more character and also we felt it was a good match to the the font we used for our logotype, The Serif Bold.

We’re really looking forward to further developing the site over the next few weeks- we tell our clients that owning a website is a continuous process of refinement. This is a case in point.

A further personal retrospection will eventually be written on johnrainsford.com but further information about the logo redesign can be found here.

There are a few more additions coming down the line shortly, including some nice new Pixelcode-branded tshirts and notebooks. You should subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or befriend us on Facebook to be kept up-to-date. 

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