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Bringing your Business online

Last Updated: 29 Aug 2009

Pixelcode is really pleased to announce two upcoming events, facilitated by us. With the support of Athy Chamber we are putting on an introductory information night in October and a day course in November.

In dealing with many customers, we find that there are areas that business owners could be more informed, for their own benefit. We decided to distil this essential information, needed by businesses, into a day course. The purpose is not to sell websites to business people, but to try make them more informed if they do decide to commission a website or e-commerce site to be created. We also hope to give a few ideas about how a business can improve their web presence, with or without a website, using freely-available solutions.

Please take a minute to view the Bringing your Business online website, where you can find more information about the introductory night and the day course. You can also sign up to be kept informed of any developments, as well as availing of any coupon codes for the day course.

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